Notes from not in the studio

This text was written in lock-down, as part of a research group on the artist’s studio with the Irish Museum of Modern Art That line of Adorno’s, that to write poetry after Auschwitch is barbaric (1949), keeps drifting into my head. I think about it differently now than I did before.  A friend of mine,Continue reading “Notes from not in the studio”

Susanne Wawra: Painting memory, subjectivity, emergence

Shortly after the opening of A Vague Anxiety (April-August 2019) at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), their first exhibition to specifically show a group of ‘emerging artists’, I arranged to meet Susanne Wawra in the gallery. We’re familiar with each other from college, she having graduated a year ahead of me from theContinue reading “Susanne Wawra: Painting memory, subjectivity, emergence”

Algorithmic Futures; Theorising through Fantasising

How can we theorise the societal and ethical implications of technology which does not yet, and may never, exist? Technological advances and a society increasingly governed by algorithms and big data introduce innumerable potential political and ethical issues for our future. It can be difficult to take many of these potentialities seriously as theoretical concerns,Continue reading “Algorithmic Futures; Theorising through Fantasising”

Dear Chris Kraus,

Dear Chris Kraus, I am moved to write to you in my attempt to think through that which has fixed in my mind after re-reading Aliens and Anorexia, and returning to I Love Dick also, ideas that are  difficult to fix into writing. Many of the recurrent compulsions in your writing; female sexuality, putting theContinue reading “Dear Chris Kraus,”